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ArmoireThe Vermont Fine Furniture and Wood Products Design Competition began as a modest idea in 1996. The idea came from a simple question: isn’t there a great amount of world-class talent and skill in the woodworking community and ingrained in the nature of Vermont? The idea of providing a way for showing that talent began to form.

Years later, in 2003, another simple question was asked: what can be done to show the world that Vermont is home to many fine woodworkers? The Design Competition was one of the answers given to that question. The query came from the Vermont Wood Products Council convened by the Vermont Council on Rural Development. This answer became one of a set of recommendations then proposed by the Council to the Vermont General Assembly as a group of action items designed to assist the State’s wood products sector grow. Money was appropriated to help, in part, start the Design Competition in 2004.

The primary mission of the Design Competition is to provide Vermont woodworkers, from the smallest business to the largest, the opportunity to show off their well-honed creativity and skill. The design skills employed are only in part evident in the outward appearance of each piece or installation. Design incorporates choices of wood, appropriate joinery, proper scaling of elements, choice of finish and other attributes. For the consumer, the many facets of design create a whole that leaves an impression of craftsmanship, beauty, quality, and distinctive substance.

Platform BedMany people have contributed to the Design Competition. Most prominent, of course, are the woodworkers. Their desire to enter, to test, to see how they compare is a risk taken. Many others have helped and the absence of their names here does not measure the value of their help.

The purpose of the Design Competition is to show some of the fine and satisfying things people in Vermont can do with wood. Only a small group of the woodworkers in the state are shown here. Please use the website and other contact information on this website to learn more about Vermont’s woodworkers and their art.

Robert De Geus
Wood Utilization Forester
Vermont Forests, Parks and Recreation


Special thanks to the USDA Forest Service and the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation for their funding and support of this initiative.

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