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2014 Vermont Fine Furniture and Wood
Products Design Competition

Join the finest woodworkers in the nation to show off the world
class talent and skill Vermont woodworkers are known for!

Never entered? Here is a little more about the competition! Judging will be held on September 27 from 10-4pm with an evening Awards Reception at the Union Arena in Woodstock, VT. Previous press for winners include Fine Woodworking Magazine, Furniture World Magazine, Vermont HomeStyle Magazine, Design New England Magazine, and more!

COMPETITION IS OPEN for Submissions!
Enter as a PROFESSIONAL woodworker (PDF)
Only pieces designed and made in Vermont, by Vermont woodworkers are eligible for entry in this category of the competition. All pieces submitted will be judged at the design competition exhibit to be held September 27-28, 2014 at the Vermont Fine Furniture & Woodworking Festival in Woodstock, VT.

Individual companies exhibiting at the Vermont Woodworking Festival on September 27-28, 2014 that are also VWMA members are eligible to enter one entry into the Vermont Woodworking Design Competition for free. Additional entries will be charged based on date of submission and membership status (please see form).

Enter as an STUDENT/APPRENTICE woodworker

Only pieces designed and made in Vermont by a Vermont woodworking student/apprentice that has already graduated from a high school or technical center and is not currently in business as a woodworker are eligible for entry in this category of the competition.

All entries due no later than September 26, 2014

2014 Judges

Meet Randy Taplin

Randy Taplin is a fine furniture maker and cabinetmaker based in Warren, VT. He studied with Teruo Hara, and his work is influenced by both Japanese and Shaker cabinetry. Randy has taught at Yestermorrow since 1982. Randy stated, "I was very impressed with the level of student work.  I was also happy that we were able to recognize the craftsman who was using complicated and slightly obscure joinery techniques.  Many thanks for the opportunity to be involved."


Meet Dave Sellers
Sellers, a Warren, VT architect, is the owner of Sellers and Company. Sellers has quite an extensive background in design and architecture. Sellers was named one of the world’s top 100 architects by Architectural Digest. Dave received Yale Univ. BS 1960, Master of Arch. 1965, & is the founder and co-director of the nations first design-build school at Goddard College (1970-76)

Sellers stated, “Looking over the entries over the past several years it is easy to see the level of skill and artistry of the submissions improving rapidly. It makes me so proud of Vermont. The School submissions were excellent and demonstrate the skill of the faculty to bring along the students to such a high level. Vermont is and will continue to be the source of craft and inspiration in the use of our native trees. The three best in show awards were given as equals. A chair in traditional form and technique using historic tools; a sophisticated low table with two materials, glass and laminated wood showing the power of restraint that explores unique shapes; and finally a superb standing cabinet that in very subtle ways shows off the years of experience of the craftsman.”

Meet Eleanor Shepard

Eleanor Shepard, owner of Shepard Interior Selections & interior designer, has been decorating since 1990. Eleanor is a "people person" and she enjoys working side by side with her clients to achieve the desired look and feel for each individual. Eleanor considers herself "everyone's decorator" working with clients on their first condo to multi-million dollar homes. Eleanor stated from her judging experience in 2013, “I felt everyone at the festival should get a prize. There is such a great resource of fine artisans and wood workers in Vermont. The design and skills shown were superb. I found some resources for my Interior Design business.”

Please review eligibility guidelines and

contact the VWMA office or call 802-747-7900 with any questions.


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