Fall Leaves - 5th Annual  Vermont Fine Furniture & Wood Products Design Competition


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                                  T. Breeze Verdant's Inlaid Jewelry Ensemble
                                        1st Place Production Woodenware

                                      ClearLake Furniture's Rachels Console

                                          1st Place Production Furniture

                                                    Photo credit: Mark Schofield
                                                                  Photo credit: Mark Schofield
                                    Will Barstow's Baltimore Federal Card Table
                                                        1st Place Student

                                                                   Photo credit: Mark Schofield
                             Josh Metcalf's Curly Maple Dressing Table & Mirror
                                            1st Place Custom Woodenware

                                          Timothy Clark's Cod Rib Rocker
                                        1st Place Custom & Studio Furniture

                                      Artistic Woodturning's Maple Wave 1
                                           2nd Place Carvings & Sculpture

                                                   Art Stacy's Home Office
                                           3rd Place Custom Studio Furniture

                                  X-Man Puzzles' Saturday Evening Post Puzzle
                                          3rd Place Production Woodenware

                                      TJF Turnings' American Black Cherry Bowl
                                             3rd Place Carvings & Sculpture

                                             Pleasant Valley's Curly Waves
                                            3rd Place Custom Woodenware

                                            Elea Becker-Lowe's Coffee Table
                                                       3rd Place Student

                                David Hurwitz Original's Funky Shaker Hall Table
                                        3rd Place Custom & Studio Furniture

                                         The Design with Pine Challenge Winner
                                      The Vermont Handy Box by Randy Leavitt

                                 Thank you to the judges of this year's Competition!
                  From left to right: Phil Lowe, Furniture Institute of Massachussetts;
                            Mark Schofield, Editor of Fine Woodworking Magazine;
                       John Ostrum, Architect; and Warren Kimble, Vermont Artist

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